Gay Sitges Link is promoting a new service for the community, which would consist of fast  testing for syphilis and HIV, completely anonymously.


Thus, from within the LGBT community itself, following the model that already works in other organizations in Barcelona and more cities, it would provide advice and support.

And so the user would have more comfort when exposed to doubts and questions.

This advice wouldn’t just be at a preventive level. We would also provide guidelines for developing a regular life after learning the test results, and going on doing day-to-day activities.
It will involve specialists in sexually transmitted diseases, also accredited to perform this advisory work, which is basic to dispel stereotypes and fears.
From  previous experiences elsewhere, this system tends to be attractive, comfortable and unobtrusive to users who, for various reasons, do not wish to attend the test in other health centres.
 The project complements prevention campaigns carried out by Gay Sitges Link, such as the distribution of free condoms on selected dates and locations.
Our aim is  to contribute to achieve greater awareness, both regarding personal health as well as  other people’s health, through responsible sexual behaviour.